Discover the Indigenous Wines of Albania

Albanian Wines

Discover the Indigenous Wines of Albania

Albania is a country with a long and rich history of wine-making, dating back to the ancient Illyrians who inhabited the western Balkans. The country has a diverse and unique range of indigenous grape varieties that produce wines of distinctive character and quality. Today, we will explore four regions of Albania that are renowned for their indigenous wines: Berat, Kallmet, Durres, and Permet.


Berat is a beautiful city in central Albania, known for its white-washed houses that cling to the hillsides along the Osum river. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with a castle, Byzantine churches, and Ottoman era mosques that testify to its cultural and religious diversity. Berat is one of the oldest wine-producing regions in Albania, with a tradition that goes back to the 8th century BC. The main grape variety grown in Berat is Debinë, which can be white or red. Debinë wines are aromatic and fruity, with floral and citrus notes. They pair well with fish, cheese, and salads.


Kallmet is a village in the north of Albania, near the town of Lezha. It is surrounded by hills and mountains, where the Kallmet grape thrives in the sandy soils. Kallmet is an ancient and indigenous grape variety that produces red wines of high quality and uniqueness. Kallmet wines are full-bodied and complex, with flavors of black fruits, spices, and leather. They have good aging potential and can match well with meat dishes, stews, and cheeses.


Durres is a coastal city in the west of Albania, facing the Adriatic Sea. It is one of the oldest and most important cities in the country, with a history that spans from Roman antiquity to the Ottoman empire. Durres is also a major wine region, where the Shesh grape variety dominates. Shesh can be white or black, and produces wines that are fresh and crisp, with mineral and herbal notes. They are perfect for seafood, pasta, and pizza.


Permet is a small town in the south of Albania, near the border with Greece. It is located in a valley surrounded by mountains and forests, where the Vjosa river flows (Vjosa river is the last remaining wild river in Europe). Permet is famous for its natural beauty, its thermal springs, and its rose jam. It is also a wine region, where the indigenous Serinë grape variety grows. Serinë can be white or red, and produces wines that are light and delicate, with floral and honey aromas. They are ideal for desserts, cakes, and fruits.

Albania is a country that offers a wealth of wine experiences ideal for those who want to explore its rare indigenous varieties. Each region has its own terroir, history, and culture that are reflected in its wines. If you want to taste some of these wines yourself, you can book a wine tour or visit a winery in Albania. You will not regret it!