• Discover the Indigenous Wines of Albania

    Discover the Indigenous Wines of Albania

    Albania is a country with a long and rich history of wine-making, dating back to the ancient Illyrians who inhabited the western Balkans. The country has a diverse and unique range of indigenous grape varieties that produce wines of distinctive character and quality. Today, we will explore four regions of Albania that are renowned for their indigenous wines: Berat, Kallmet, Durres, and...

  • Top 5 Dishes we recommend to try while visiting Albania

    Albanian cuisine is influenced by the Mediterranean, Balkan, Italian and Turkish cuisines. It consists of vegetables, spices, meats, fish, dairy products and herbs. Some of the most famous dishes are byr...
  • Recommended Places to Visit in 2023

    There are many beautiful places to visit in Albania. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from different regions and attractions. Here are some possible suggestions:

    • If you like...
  • Is it safe to travel to Albania?

    Is it safe to travel to Albania? Albania in large part due to its cultural heritage is a country with a welcoming mentality regarding foreigners. A...
  • Si te mos humbasesh avionin!

    2% - 8% shanse qe te humbesh avioni! - Mos u bej statistike! 

    Sipas statistikave te kompanive ajrore, cdo here qe udhetoni shanset qe te humbin fluturimin jane deri ne 8%. Aq te sigurta jane kompanite ajrore sa ne dite fluksesh, ne vartesi te destinacionit shesin bileta avioni 2% - 8% me shume se kapaciteti qe kane.