Visa Information

Visa Information for the year 2022:

Visitors from the USA, Canada, UK, EU, and Balkan Countries do not need visas to visit Albania. 


The information below is solely for general-purpose information. It is the visitors' responsibility to verify independently the specific requirement for a visa to visit Albania. The Foreign Ministry of Albania can change these rules without any prior notice, therefore it is highly advisable to double-check before booking your vacation to Albania.

Can visit Albania without a visa: 

a) Foreign citizens who have a valid, multiple-entry Schengen visa, which has been previously used in one of the Schengen states, or foreign citizens who have a valid permit of stay in one of the Schengen states;

b) Foreign citizens who have a valid, multiple-entry US or UK visa, which has been previously used in the respective country of issuance, or have valid permit of stay in the US or UK.

c) Foreign citizens from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, India, Qatar, Oman, Thailand, can enter in Albania without visa, for short term stay, with the passport document, from 20 April until 31 December;

ç) Foreign citizens from Egypt and Russia, can enter Albania without a visa, for a short term stay, with a passport document, from 01 May until 30 September.

d) Foreign citizens who have a 10-year residence permit, issued by the competent authority of the United Arab Emirates, valid not less than one year from the moment of entry.

Albanian Foreign Ministry official link with the list of countries showing Visa Regime for Foreign Visitors:

General Information about visa in Albania

Smart Guide Albania can service only visitors that do not require visa to enter Albania, or visitors that benefit from the visa waiver programs as written above.

Furthermore, Smart Guide Albania does not sponsor anyone for the visa application process.